Monday, 20 August 2012

Have you been to Singapore yet?

NO silly - not Singapore the city!
Singapore House in little ol' Adelaide, Australia.
Its delicious, flavoursome, tender and creative asian themed food!
I made my way down there with my best friends in tow (wearing floral of course!)

We were beelining for the food - and to check out some of the incredible interior design they got going on.

This is the butterfly room, each in its own frame. Beautiful.

The service is fantastic. I loathe bad service and often I will not return somewhere if I have received it. So I believe to give credit when credit is due. Our waiter was so attentive - but also gave us space because we were resembling three giggling school girls, all madly talking!

Ok so after we had talked ourselves out of breath we finally decided on meals (with our lovely waiters help).
It was super hard as everything seems delicious and you really just want to try it all - they do make it easier and have 'street food' plates which you can get a few of instead of a main, or just share it with everyone on the table....

From the street food menu we had: Singapore soft shell crab with  green apple salad, Snapper wrapped in banana leaf and BBQ pork belly.

Verdict? Everything was cooked to perfection, flavour bursting with every bite! My favourite is a draw between the crap and snapper! I loved opening the banana leaf parcel to find delicately steamed snapper and it smelled amazing. I am always a little nervous in eating soft shell crab but I did not need to be this time as it was lip-smackingly great!

For the mains we had the: Beef cheek vindaloo and Butter chicken.

Verdict? For lovers of a good spicy vindaloo (and I mean SPICY!) you need to come and give this one a go as I am sure you will LOVE it! It had flavour, taste, the meat was incredibly tender and of course was very spicy, I am a lover of spicy food and even I needed to cool the old mouth down after a few bites!
My best friend does not enjoy the feeling of her mouth burning from chilli so she ordered the butter chicken. I have tried and tested butter chicken from all over the place - some are good, some are bad and some are just wrong. Some people think butter chicken is flavourless and a boring dish. These people are wrong. Butter chicken isn't meant to be boring or lack flavour. The butter chicken from Singapore house isnt any of these things because it is mouth wateringly great (I know that probably isnt a word!) But it is! It is so delicious, so tasty, so yummy and so filling! Great flavours really!

I really do apologise for not taking photos of the food - I normally do but my camera died before I got a change :( So sad!

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 10/10

Ok ok, enough of the grovelling to Singapore House. But seriously I can't wait to go back and try everything I missed!

Just so you know I really am critical but this place is amazing and if your in the area give it a go!

You can find their details and have a squiz at the menu here (I love stalking the restaurant prior and looking at all the yummy things before I go - so I know you will too.)
If your planning on a weekend trip there - I would advise to book ahed :).

Lots of happiness,



Ps this here is a link to the urban spoon singapore house page; to check out more reviews if that is your wish....

Singapore House on Urbanspoon

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